Metro area outside Detroit, MI

I agree. But as of recently a lot of young people have been moving into the city around Wayne state and the downtown area. Its only a matter of time! We’re getting a new stadium for the Red Wings and entertainment district by 2017.

Unprocessed Weddell Sea, Antarctica

This is sea ice, with a lone iceberg. The lines criss-crossing the image are pressure ridges, where separate ice floes collided with each other. This area itself has nothing to do with my research, since I study ice sheets and glaciers (ie, land ice

Mosel, Germany

[Cochem]( [Here’s the view from the other bank.](

Aerial view of Sydney Harbour, Australia

It’s quite shallow though. If you need to anchor or berth large ocean-going ships, then [Halifax Harbour]( is unsurpassed. As [this photo from World War II shows](, you can anchor entire navies safely inside it. Plus it has very steep sides (being fjord rather

Château de Chenonceau, France

Yeah those are part of “Chateaux de la Loire”. They are, indeed, breath taking to see from a distance but once you visited one, you’ve seen them all. Those castles located a couple of hours by car from Paris where the ideal “spring break”

Stormy sunset over Kalamata, Greece

Source: [Apocalypse….]( by [Panos Lahanas]( on [](

The Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghnashown rivers together create the world’s largest delta. The psychedelic hues represent changing surface backscatter over time.

Original: [1500×1450]( Source: [European Space Agency]( > This ESA image of the Ganges Delta is becoming one of the most iconic views of Earth from space, due in no small part to it appearing as the cover of British band Alt-J’s award-winning debut album

Evaporation pond outside of Moab, Utah; Jassen Todorov

>[These are a series of evaporation ponds for potash, or salts that contain potassium used for fertilizer. But potash is actually found deep under the surface—where ancient lakes or inland seas have dried up—and these evaporations ponds are only the most visible tip of