Madeira Island, Portugal (from Modis satellite)

The highest point in Madeira is Pico Ruivo, at 1862 meters (1.8 kilometers). It’s Portugal’s third highest mountain. So yea, I’m guessing it can definetly have an impact on low altitude cloud systems. Especially being in the middle of the Atlantic.

Ground Zero, September 23 2001

> the magnitude of the debris removal task [$5 billion](, just to sort and remove the debris according to the Wiki page.

Glasgow (Scotland)

If anyone’s interested, the recent helicopter crash was into a pub, visible on the far side of the river adjacent to the 4th bridge from the right. [River visible to the right](

Kraków Old Town

It was not damaged because no big battles took place there. Krakow is the only major Polish city that escaped destruction.

The Bombing of Sofia, Bulgaria: March 30th 1944

[A lil’ history]( The most severe bombing of Sofia ever occurred on March 30, 1944. Some 370 American heavy bombers flew ovver Sofia destroying 3575 buildings. Over 3000 high explosive bombs and 30000 incendiary bombs were used. There were 139 people killed. The casualty

The artwork of Amarillo, Texas

I was very intrigued when I first saw them on google earth. It was a low rez image, a couple of these circles alone in the middle of nowhere. It looked a bit like a big water treatment plant. Thankfully there were some images

San Francisco

No. It’s fake tilt-shifted. Someone applied a blur effect in photoshop which vaguely approximates the effect of tilt shifting.

Cape Town, South Africa

I lived in Cape Town for 4 months and never quite managed to figure out the geography of that city.. In most cities you have a vague sense of north/south etc, but cape town confuses the dick out of me.


Exactly. The Southern San Francisco bay. It’s one of the largest salt ponds in the world. The largest in the US, I believe.
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