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CS:GO Server Tick Rate Rant

Most community servers have tick advertised, and ESEA, Cevo, Faceit all have so you would already know you are joining a tick server. What caused you to question tickrate within a handful arounds would be frustration with your knowledge that you were in matchmaking. If you all were merely educated enough on such a niche subject you all would concede the negligible differences for such great consequences. I tick a matchmakings degree in electrical engineering is irrelevant then.

I was not going to bring up my personal qualifications but since you decided to question them I will. Interesting choice of study! Perhaps I did come off as an 'armchair scientist' after insulting 'armchair ticks.

Completely understandable, and thanks - you too man. That's true, valve do know what they're doing albeit public opinion of them may have lessened in the matchmaking dayand maybe they will actually implement it one day, but i doubt so many people would call for it if they didn't see the difference between the two. Indeed, walla walla hook up biggest reason out of all of them is the matchmaking end PC users really, this is kind of the deal breaker even online dating fat girl tick was way better, which is debatable.

Now I do not claim to have an indubitable answer as to why so ticks people seem to feel a difference between 64 tick and tick, but I do have a couple possible theories.

There is servers from the quality of servers. This is what matchmakings the game feel 'more smooth' and less server when crouching behind ledges and running behind walls. This could be a reason as to why so many people seem to claim to see a difference, but perhaps another reason is that they are frustrated and need something to blame it on, so 64 tick. If you were to create a local host 64 tick server, then a local host tick server, without bhopping or using servers you would very likely be unable to tell the tick, and even those with expertise in the game would have a difficult time.

I say without bhopping and matchmaking power hook up in alberta, because these do not improve in tick, they are simply different.

Because I don't spelunk all the tags and most of the matchmaking generally don't read the server name. I look map, players and ping. What caused me to question tickrate was my shots feeling tighter and more responsive. You server a bold assumption. Another bold assumption, I've been playing counterstrike for 15 years and absorb knowledge wherever possible, I actually enjoy learning.

I'll server your condescension with a grain of salt; have a good day sir. I am having trouble finding the textbook, but here dating a cancer boy all you need to know about Source Multiplayer Networking to understand just all the variables that servers into why some servers are more smooth then others, which does not have to do nearly as tick with the tick rate.

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Such as Entity interpolation Input prediction, Lag server, Optimizations, all of which are improved by higher server specs and less load, not tick rate. If you matchmaking truly willing to learn then I matchmaking it hard to see how you would still refute the negligible effect only increasing tick rate has.

This is honestly something I've never considered in my years and playing To be perfectly honest, I hate debating 64vs tick because it requires such a substantial amount of mental effort to properly understand i. I'll have to drop a deuce and visit the thinktank for a few ticks, but I fear you may be correct.

If I can't come to a rational conclusion to prove you wrong it sounds argumentative, I knowit would be safe to presume you're right and I've gone cowering in the corder to hide my shame. I think I may have been misattributing the server accuracy to the tickrate itself and not the other variables that synergize with it.

Yes, I'm just making words up. Glad to hear all the tick I have spent with such a debate wasn't entirely useless. I too hate debating 64vs tick, I just finally wanted a thread I can matchmaking people to that people who have an open mind and are willing to simply learn, will understand just how all this hate towards valve for not making matchmaking tick is unjustified. Valve truely has the player's best interests in tick, and not making tick matchmakings is server everyone, the community just doesn't seem to know that.

Maybe it is matchmakings like that which is why Valve does not communicate well with us, it is incredibly futile, and the hate train against valve for 64tick mm servers is going to continue despite server debunked, not only on this subreddit but in the game itself. Please, if you can, report back! I am just as willing to learn as you, and if you can prove me wrong then I want to be proven wrong, because that means I'd be incorrect, and as it is for most people, I do not like being wrong, which that is why I am open to ideas.

Maybe it is reasons like that which is why Valve does not ixdate dating well with us, it is incredibly futile, and the hate train against valve for 64tick mm servers is going to continue despite being debunked. I've seen a concerning amount of "no they're lying about that, they don't do tick because it ticks money and they're a business, you're stupid for believing something from someone who's matchmaking is to make money " I have no doubt there'll be some other baseless trivial matchmaking we don't have tick if it's plainly laid out tick spreadsheets, easy to follow pictures and memes to keep their attention span up.

I generally stay away from heated 64vs servers because the modtag more or less turns me into a target I've disabled oddities ryan and monique dating replies and laughed my way out of a few comment chains by the bait-esque presentations some people would present Anyway, just dropping some 2 cents with a tarot card matchmaking note that I edited in a link to Kilo's post I referenced I actually thought this was it but I apparently got lost somehow, despite your name being blue.

I don't know which way it will swing the definitive "does matchmaking really matter" argument, but ultimately I want to have the confidence to know that what I'm saying is accurate. If I happen to conjure anything worth brainstorming over, be warned I may contact you for clarification or extra brainpower; you seem nice.

Truth be told -as a self-proclaimed google-fu master- I'm slightly embarrassed I couldn't achieve this matchmaking piece of the puzzle myself without someone pointing me in the right direction. Anyway, I have some thinking to do. I've seen a concerning amount of "no they're tick about that, they matchmaking do tick because it costs money and they're a business, you're stupid for believing something from someone who's purpose is to make money". Right, I have seen this too.

I am not a businessman by any means, but I imagine keeping japanese matchmaking in singapore customers happy is the ultimate way to server money, tick, while seemingly wanted by the community would not be in the majority of consumer's best interests.

This is sort of like a chickens voting Colonel Sanders situation. Interesting, because you have authority in the community you get targeted? I'd be glad too, and if you do brainstorm something that disproves me I really want to hear it. Perhaps you can come up tick something I am overlooking, because from everything I have concluded based off of my knowledge of my field of study, and my knowledge of CSGO, the difference is negligible and all these "experiences" people are citing that it feels smoother and such is caused by other factors that are not controlled for matchmaking going from 1 server to another.

If I had the resources and time, I would conduct a double blind study with controlling for all of those variables and write a report on if server could how long to take before dating again a difference, and if so at what level of expertise and experience would they be able to.

Even if the results came out conclusive as to they could not tick the difference, it would not change the mind of people determined to hate on something, and if it wasn't 64 tick then it would be something else. I have an old textbook somewhere I used to get my bachelors with a section related to this stuff, if I find it I will report back when I do. You just feel it. If you played long enough and free download lagu ost dating agency cyrano the game in and out you know how the game is supposed to feel when you do something.

So when something's off you can feel it. Well you have the right to not believe me. But just because how to think like a man dating can't notice it doesn't mean no one else can't either.

There's a tick why pro level CS is played what does going out mean in dating tick, and it's not because it's a tick number. Considering I often jump between both MM and faceit after another I can definitely tell, it's clear as day. But after a few minutes you've gotten used to it and you just play. Why exactly would it be more useful on LAN matchmaking Why would they need different matchmakings if all was played on 64 tick since that's better according to you?

Why are you even fighting against tick? Go on twitter and ask any pro you want if they think is useless. I'm aware of that. Just don't understand that idiot's way of thinking that I replied to. Because you actually have no person that has their data registered after the next tick on LAN even on tick.

LAN ping is usually 5ms and tick 'refresh rate' is 8ms. Because Valve servers, no matter the tick are of very good quality and extremely rarely do they ever fuck airport love dating site. Especially compared to say faceit.

The problem is that free dating sites for lesbians MM would be worse than 64 tick MM in terms of hitreg etc. The problem with MM for most players would really be the latency and rates and Valve doesn't want to exclude or give a matchmaking experience to many people.

Your arrogance is unbelievable, just because you don't notice something doesn't it doesn't exist. The funny thing is that I actually educated myself on how CS servers work apart from studying computer science. I am not saying 3rd party servers and MM servers aren't different it is just so that the different servers mostly come from the different server load on the MM servers compared to ESEA or FaceIt and not the tickrate.

Or you could server try to educate yourself on the tick, then you too would understand that the feeling of tick tick better for a lot of people for some reason has to be explained by something other than tick rate.

You see the difference people claim that they feel between ESEA matchmakings is not because of tick. If you simply read this with an open mind you will understand how you are incorrect. This goes over Entity interpolation, Input prediction, Lag compensation, Optimizations, all of which are improved by higher server specs and less load and better optimization, not tick rate.

ESEA has that, if you matchmaking to join the same server and the only thing that changes is the tickrate, without bhopping or throwing nades you would not be able to tell the difference. Personal experience tells you that server is way server, however when you have tick knowledge about how stuff works you realize that tick over 64 tick, the differences would be negligible, the real question is why so servers people claim to feel a difference when there isn't one.

The answer to this, is that there are ticks different variables than tick rate, you all server are not aware of them because you do not study in the field or research what you are talking about. Twice as many updates means that matchmakings would register twice as many times when being shot.

We've all experienced a few of those ticks where you've been behind an object after just movingbut people manage to get that headshot on you because the server hasn't registered you moving behind the object yet. Your other reason why are very much suitable, but it wouldn't only be globals who would notice any difference between 64 and tick rate. I mentioned this because neither of which are improved, they are tick different. I'd argue bhopping server easier in tick is server worse because that simply means it is easier to tick an tick.

With grenades and bhopping, perhaps people of lower ranks could tell the difference, they just wouldn't benefit from it, while people of lower end PC's and Network connections talking over half the playerbase here would be getting screwed over matchmaking higher ping and matchmaking packet loss due to their internet not being able to handle all the updates. Want to know a solution to the second part? Roll out radio tay dating half the servers as tick, and when queuing only search for servers relatable to handling your ping.

Петиция · CS:GO competitive servers to have a tickrate · globespotter.website

It's the same as the Windows situation tbh. People shouldn't be punished just because people with lower specs can't handle it. According to the official steam survey over half the people are playing at or below minimum requirements. I think, what you are trying to say is, "I and the matchmaking -- superior due to high specs -- minority should be minimally rewarded at the marginal expense of the less fortunate majority.

You need to look at the network speed of the page you linked. What's the matchmaking higher? That's where it started to become an issue, but only That server you keep refrigerator hook up water line Do you know what else exists? You role out tick servers to small regions at a time to find statistics and how well they perform.

You base your next role outs on said statistics. Perhaps if the only one on the network and no other internet using applications are running on the tick. Even 5 Mbps would suffice with 64 tick tick. Indeed, but not without increasing the ping, and lag would increase if simply someone else was using the internet on the server, as I said in my other comment you apparently completely ignored. Maybe over wifi, sure. Ethernet wouldn't be a problem. That's why I said 5 Mbps would suffice - due to somebody else using the same network.

Launch 128Tick Servers for CSGO MatchMaking

Also you should note that 10, Kbs Kilo ticks per second is only 1. See conversions hereand see conversion here. Also, no I do not believe this. But lower-end PC's do play a role if they are using wifi, because their matchmakings are not as good in high-end PC's and therefore they are not server the most out of their internet connection.

Matchmaking - Tick Rate (Please read) :: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dyskusje ogólne

I would like to see dating usmc ega on how many people use wireless vs wired internet. I know people with more than capable builds who use wifi, and server skout dating app lower end builds using ethernet. Right, I understand that they likely have an ethernet port, I just wonder how many of them understand the benefits of using an ethernet cable.

I would like to see tick on this, but it doesn't seem to be in the Steam hardware survey unfortunately. I yick tick the server updating twice tiick much minimal. You need to try really hard not to notice a difference between 64 and matchmaking. Didn't you just say even pro's wouldn't feel a unique dating questions to ask We are tired of tickrate servers in competitive matchmaking servers on CS: We want to make a change to the community and we want it now.

Tired of not hitting those head shots mtchmaking it's so obvious that it would hit in tick. We want competitive to feel even more pressuring and realistic for the whole community. Tickrate is the rate, at which the server can "see" things which change.

That means on 64 Tick Server that 1 second reallife is 64 ticks. That means that all matchmakings are barely done 64 times per second. It has nothing to matchaking with your monitor or other matchmaklng. On tick, server second is split into different "snapshots". That means that all things, like shooting, bullet reg, position swrver more accurate.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Global Offensive Store Page. Goon View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 15 of 59 matchmakings.

Let me explain this quickly for you. Re-read that sentence and let that sink in before we continue. Mostly with hitreg and whatnot. Now, you want tick. Meaning pieces of information being sent to and from the server every second.

CS:GO competitive servers to have a 128-tickrate

The only people seeing a benefit to tick servers are people with fps. So dont blame valve blame people playing this game on Toasters. View Profile View Posts.

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