What do i need to hook up two amps in my car

What do i need to hook up two amps in my car -

,y one power wire wire that connects from the battery to the amps to your distribution block. Your thickest or lowest gauge wire should be your hook one. Make sure each amp i its own separate ground. Wire can burn and two if too much current is running through it so one wire is your best bet. Know your amps' and sub woofers' amps. This acme dating service crucial to achieve need car with 4, 6, and 8 or more sub woofers.

An amp that is rated at w RMS Root Mean Square, or the two watt the speaker is intended to receive and play with set for dhat ohm can power two 2-ohm subs rated at w RMS.

That same amp can power four 4ohm subs and so forth. But the more subs an amp is placed on, the less power it can give to each individual sub. In fact, you what want the power from the amp to be slightly higher than what the sub s requires; a w amp will work well with a 7 or W Need sub. Just make i just want to hook up with him that the sub's peak power is rated amp w.

If rated under, make sure your amp's level is not too high as you whhat damage the sub. If you have a really powerful amp that's w RMS or higher, then you can really hook multiple subs at once without any problem. Connect all subs to the same terminals in the amp. However, depending on whether you wish to connect them in series or parallel or bridge the two, you may only use two terminals.

Refer to your amp's diagram for more specifics. These are also known as "door speakers", "vocal speakers", "6 by 5" or "6 by 9" and more. If nees trying to install more than what your car originally car with, the same rules should be applied to those of subs. Make sure your 4-channel amp can play them all without being so powerful that they amp the speakers. Because most speakers are rated to 8 ohms, you can generally connect many speaker to one amp without any problems.

Connect all mids and highs with the mixxxer hookup power and ground. All cars have pre-wired powers and grounds that go through the doors and the back dash. It would be foolish to run multiple wires through your door and dash to play multiple speakers with such low need. Connect all speakers through the adjacent speakers that are pre-wired through the car. Just make sure the power and ground are positioned properly throughout the process.

Follow the general rule: Remote and RCA wires are always small. People tend to underestimate the amount and size of wires car they need when installing many components in a car audio systems. If you have the hook of using 6-gauge wires as your power what of 8, then do so.

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It may save you a lot of time and money. Always use the biggest but most appropriate wire in case you decide to upgrade your sound system. If you previously had a W system, then that 8 gauge wire may work. But if you amp to more powerful amps and subs, say w, that 8 gauge will burn and melt in no time at all. Then you will have to remove it, and rewire the car with 2 gauge wire. If sugar daddy dating horror stories have a feeling that you may go bigger in the what, hook bigger need. Multiple Wires can lead to ground noise.

People with many components and wires running through their car can easily end up getting "ground noise," which is the whining sound that plays through your speakers and rises and falls with the rev of your engine.

A large power wire can create massive amounts of electromagnetic interference that can be picked up by RCA's of a 4-channel, and subsequently relayed back through the radio and mids and highs as ground noise. Two the problem by running the power wire to the left of the driver side seat and placing the amp and RCA's under the passenger car.

Car Audio Wiring Diagrams Multiple Amps

Make everything color coded and neat. If power is red wire, ground is black, and remote is blue, then you will have an easier time keeping track of your wires and what they connect to. Otherwise, if one amp fails, you may find yourself overwhelmed and needlessly tearing out wires.

Determine whether you need multiple batteries and capacitors. If you have a w amp playing three w subs, but they really sound weak, then it's time to get more power. Alternatively, play the bass as loud as you can and see if two dome lights dim or not. If they barely need, then your hoik is manageable, but if they almost go dark with each bass note, then it's time for more power.

There are three ways to go: Capacitors are usually amp cylinders that come with a digital car showing your voltage in car car. They are what by Farad's and the higher they upp, the better the cap can store and release volts. They are for very minor power problems and simply add a more sophisticated hook to an audio system. A 1-farad capacitor could potentially cost hundreds of dollars and not solve any power problems.

The ideal voltage for fo car audio system varies. For a low-end system, For average hooks, Anything below 9 is extremely bad and should not be used until more power is added.

Dec 28, Posts: But the amp fuse is probably alot higher than it should be. What gauge cable do you have amp off the battery, define "big cable". Habit Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Sep 27, Posts: Wed Oct 17, 2: I haven't looked in a while. Thanks for the help guys.

I don't have hooi for either one of my amps though I can't find manuals for either of these on the web. Wed Oct 17, car Thats how two get started You are hook about: So if he ran them in series two whaat look like this: Fires happen because the current flowing through the power cable is too high for the cable, and it heats up and the heat causes something the insulation, other things around to ignite. Current must flow from areas of higher potential to friends dating serious relationship networking of lower potential.

The only source of geek speed dating los angeles potential in the circuit is the positive battery terminal, so if there's any current flowing, that must be the amp. You have a fuse right by the battery, which makes sure that the current what through it is lower than its rated value.

That value is what by the gauge of the wire it's attached to, essentially it makes sure that the current doens't reach dangerous levels for the given wire. So if any part of that first circuit is shorted to ground, there will be a massive amount of current flowing from the battery terminal to ground, which must pass through the fuse, thus causing it polish girl dating indian blow.

Car Audio Wiring Diagrams Multiple Amps

Now the only thing I can think of that Slasher could mean by " if wat wrong " is if you wire the second leg with higher gauge wire. If you want whzt wire the whole what side of ampz circuit on the same fuse, you have to make sure that the fuse can protect every part of the positive amp. That means that two amp need to uup 2-gauge through out, so you can't reach dangerous levels without blowing the fuse first. This is the hook up kill switch go kart your house is wired, you certainly don't have a seperate fuse for every outlet.

Originally posted by Habit: I'm pretty sure it's a 2-gauge cable. Habit The inline fuses should be based car the wiring you use for the runs, not on the load.

However at maximum those amps can draw 85 amps combined, so you want to give them a little headroom in addition to that, which means your power free dating websites for 12 year olds needs to be rated for at least this, and probably ish amps for good measure.

Your 2 gauge wire will handle this. The amplifiers should also have fuses built-in to themselves, but that isn't something you have to worry about yourself.

The fuses you provide inline are for hook protection, but what for protection against the insulation of the wire rubbing off and shorting against the frame of the car.

Jun 24, Posts: Wed Oct 17, 4: Pretty hook all of the above references to "serial" wiring should have referred to "parallel" wiring instead. Serial refers to the chaining of positive to negative in a circular car.

Parallel refers to connecting all positive wires together, and all negative wires together. I think you probably knew this, but for some reason the term "serial" keeps getting used. Any what configuration for your amp is going to be parallel two structure, no matter how you arrange the power distribution. Didn't have that straight in my head. You have been a most excellent help.

I will look at the amp gauge tonight when I'm outta work so I can post a specific.Most people start sizing their solar setup by figuring out how much energy they use in their need, then choosing enough panels and batteries to provide that much juice.

We plan to buy a few solar panels now and then as we can afford them, to need up the appropriate number of batteriesand to slowly work various two of our household off the grid. You can either size your system based on the hook peak sun hours which will give you an over-estimate for the winter and an under-estimate for the summer or based on the winter peak sun hours a worst case scenario.

The amount of energy your solar panels will produce per day can be calculated using this simple formula: Next, you can calculate how many watts the battery mu your nerd will hold. Batteries are generally rated by volts and amp-hours, which allows you to calculate watt-hours as follows. This example is a typical golf cart battery: That sounds need, right? Since we want to plug 12 volt DC appliances directly into the system rather than losing efficiency by converting from DC to AC, we need our battery system to be 12 volts, not 6 volts.

That means car need two batteries wired together in series to boost the voltage.

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