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> Is this story fiction?

The way they have reported it, yes. They left out the important detail that, legally, it was never a rape case. [She was was only sentenced because she told police she had lied about being raped and the sex was consensual.]( Lying to police in a courtroom generally doesn’t go down well, regardless of the country you are in.

Consensual sex outside of marriage is sadly illegal in Dubai so when she made this confession to the police, they were obliged to prosecute. She got sentenced for consensual sex and perjury (lying to police). The accused man, who testified in court that the sex was consensual, also get sentenced.

If she had stuck to her rape story, she would never have been sentenced. Rape is obviously illegal in Dubai and victims of a crime are not jailed for it. In the end, she was allowed to leave and she didn’t serve any of her sentence.

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