Vegas suburbia contrast by Alex Maclean

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When I was a senior in high school in Vegas, I was driving around with some friends when one said his brother was at some freshmen party out in the desert with a bunch of alcohol. So naturally we decided to go take all the alcohol.

Just like this picture, we had to park in a neighborhood and hop some wall that ended in solid desert, then hike like 10 minutes out.

By the time we got there all the kids were beyond fukt up drunk. There was this one kid in shorts lying in a puddle of vomit. It gets really cold in deserts when the sun goes down.

So long story short, my friend who was a lifeguard, ended up putting the kid in the bacchus maneuver and calling an ambulance. The second someone heard him say that, they all scattered and left my two friends and myself to deal with the kid. The police had to cut down a fence and they had to carry the kid on a stretcher all the way back because the ambulance couldn’t make it into the desert.

tl;dr: Desert parties are kick ass, just don’t be retarded.

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